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Flash Briefings


Podcast Skill

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Setting up your own flash briefing? ... If you want a free tool, try Effct.

-Social Media Examiner

Podcast Skill Features

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Simply paste your RSS feed from your podcast host.

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Your podcast on Alexa for the world to hear in as soon as 6 hours and at most 5 business days.


Intuitive voice interface for your listeners.

  • Play any episode

  • Search for episodes

  • Browse recent episodes

  • Pause, fast forward and rewind

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A taste of some of the flash briefings our users have created.

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What’s a Flash Briefing?

A flash briefing is a short piece of audio content available on Amazon’s Alexa devices.

Here are some of the most popular flash briefings:

Flash Briefing Features

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Start your flash briefing in a matter of minutes without coding.

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Publish your briefs with a handy normalize tool that formats it for Alexa.


Schedule your briefs as far in advance as you want with Premium.


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