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Hearld Times

United Nations Women

15 minutes to freedom

Ryan Niddel

Host of "15 Minutes to Freedom"
Top 10 Podcast on iTunes

Entrepreneurs On Fire

John Lee Dumas

Founder of Entrepreneurs on Fire

News Worthy

Erica Mandy

Award-Winning Journalist
Founder and Host of theNewsWorthy

Hillsborough Couty

Hillsborough County Government

Serving 1.4 Million Floridians

Hearld Times

Hearld Times

Indiana Newspaper with 44,000 circulation.

Case Studies

How Daniel Hill Went from 0 to 21,000 Subscribers in Ten Months


Daniel ran a podcast with 11 episodes and barely any listens.


Hill joined Effct, and launched his flash briefing. In 45 days he gained over 4,800 subscribers! Now, in ten months he has gained 21,000 subscribers all over the world.

Instagram Stories Stats
Daniel Hill Photo

Daniel Hill

The Instagram Stories Flash Briefing
Instagram Logo

I’ve now had my flash briefing for nearly six weeks, and I am approaching 4,500 subscribers. I highly recommend working with Effct!

How 4 Minute Crypto Increased Its Listenership 20% in One Month with Alexa


Gary Leland ran a podcast called Crypto Cousins that was struggling to grow its listenership. Gary heard about Effct at Podcast Movement, and the team helped set up Crypto Cousins with an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing Skill for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India.


Gary's listenership increased 25% within a month, and all he had to do was upload his daily piece of content to Effct. Now, Alexa accounts for 20% of Gary's listenership.

4 Minute Crypto Stats
Gary Leland Photo

Gary Leland

4 Minute Crypto
Instagram Logo

A big thank you to Nick Brown and the team at Effct for all the help and attention they gave me when setting up The 4 Minutes Crypto Show. Thanks to their help the 4 Minute Crypto Show is available as a News Flash Briefing on all of the English Alexa Feeds. Alexa now accounts for over 20% of my daily episode downloads. I hope it continues to grow as the amount of people listening to Alexa Flash Briefing grows. I plan on it being one of my top marketing tools for my Bit Block Boom Bitcoin Conference in August of 2019.

How Denver News went from zero audio presence, to 2,000 subscribers in one year.


Denver News had no audio presence, but knew there was a massive space for an Alexa Flash Briefing about current events in the Mile High City.


Denver News set up a Flash Briefing using Effct, and started producing daily one to two minute briefings. Then, turned the content into a podcast as well in mid-2018. In 2018, they racked up 2,000 subscribers and 40,000 plays in one year.

Don Gaston Photo

Don Gaston

Denver News
Instagram Logo

I’d been playing around with the idea of a local podcast and was unsure how to not only reach but, engage an audience. Effct is has been a crucial piece to my work flow. I click & drag my file, add the link & I’m done. My friends are impressed because they can hear me on their Amazon Echo & Echo Dots. Just like that, my podcast is part of the daily routine of many.



Increase your audience. Some of our users have grown their audience to over 4,800 subscribers in 45 days.

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Increase your listenership. Some of our users have increased listnership by 25%.


Save time by creating and publishing skills without coding. Without Effct it may take months. With Effct it takes five minutes.


Schedule and Auto Republish Your Content

Record as much content as you want, schedule and automate republish it on any day you want, at any time in order to save time and reach your target audience.

Repurpose Content on Additional Voice Channels

Already operate a podcast? Put it on both Alexa and Google Home through Effct simply by submitting your RSS feed. Control your own brand by deciding on your own invocation name not being controlled by third party advertisements.

How about a radio stream on a radio station, or produce video content? Put it on Alexa as well!

Social Share and Embedding

Share your content on multiple social media.

Grow Your Audience with Custom Page

Use your custom page to grow your email list by finding followers of your Alexa skill and sync your audience email list with Mailchimp.

Team Management

Running audio content with a team? Allocate specific roles to users such as Admin, Editor and Author.


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We offer a 14 day free trial to create your Alexa skill and publish content.


Why buy from you? What makes you so special?

With 700 users and growing, we are experienced in creating and growing Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings. In 2018, almost 8,000 briefings were published with Effct.co. We are the only firm dedicated to helping you start and grow your skill!

Who are you guys, anyway?

Co-founders Nick Brown and Moses McCall are passionate about media, voice and technology. Brown is an experienced digital marketer and McCall is a former NASA software engineer.

What results will I actually get from this?

Check out our case studies. We've seen users grow their listenership 25% simply by putting their content on Alexa. We've also seen users go from 0-2400 users in just one month.

Are you guys going to steal my credit card and run away?

No. We're both trustworthy users. We've processed hundreds of payments. And as an added bonus, we use secure Stripe servers to hold your credit card information.

How much does it cost?

Our Premium plan is $25 per month or $250 per year. Our Business plan is $80/month or $825 per year. Our Enterprise plan is $150 month or $1,500 per year. Please refer to our pricing section for more information.

Are there any long term contracts?

Yes, we offer annual versions of all of our products.

How do I present this to my team?

We recommend showing them this website, and explaining how much your company can benefit from Effct.co.

What does it integrate with?

In addition to integrating with the Amazon API, we also integrate our social share feature with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our Embed feature works on any website.

What is a Flash Briefing Skill?

A Flash Briefing is a short piece of content that publishes onto Amazon Alexa. The best practice is to keep the briefing about 1-3 minutes. Another best practice is to publish daily.

How do listeners find my skill?

They can search for your skill on Amazon.com. When they find it, they click "Enable," and voila, it is now on all of their Alexa devices.

How do people listen to my Flash Briefing?

Once they enable they your skill, they simply ask Alexa, "What's my flash briefing?" Or "What's in the news?"

Do you offer an affiliate progam?

Yes, we offer on Affiliate program. Once you sign up for a Paid plan, we send you a link to sign up for the affiliate program. We give you an awesome 20% of each sale. That can earn you some serious money!

How does Effct voice help with growing my audience?

First, by signing up with Effct you are taking advantage of Alexa, which is a new frontier. Secondly, we inserted additional tools to spread the word of your publish content via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Third, we provide you guides on how to grow your brief. And with our paid plans you can connect with others on best practices.

How can I take advantage of Amazon's Alexa benefits to earn prizes and perks?

Each month, Amazon offers free goods for publishing skills. Our Facebook community regularly updates each other about these perks.

I don't own an Alexa, how can I listen to my skill?

Alexa offers a mobile app where you can interact with Alexa.

I lost my password. How do I reset my password?

At the top of the hope page, click the forget password button. Submit your email address. You will receive a change password email and follow the steps provided.

I lost my login e-mail address. How can I find it?

Search your e-mail for a message from info@effct.co called "Welcome to Effct." Whatever address that is sent to is your address.

What is a Podcast Skill?

A Podcast skill is an Alexa custom skill with your own invocation name that ingests your podcast RSS feed and doesn't have your brand content mixed with third party advertisments

How do people listen to my podcast skill?

There are two ways. First, someone can simply state the invocation name you choose. For example "Alexa, play, 'The Marketing Podcast.'" If you have claimed that invocation, and have enough listeners, sometimes the podcast skill will begin playing. This is not always the case however. Other times, the user must first click the "Enable" button on your skill's page. From there, they can invoke it with voice.

What are the features of the podcast skill?

Listeners can play the most recent episode, browse recent episodes, search for an episode with keywords, pause, rewind, fast forward, resume, and go back to the main menu, all with their voice.


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